Has anyone made Dorie Greenspan Bubble top Brioche. She says add butter 1 T at a time, then 4 minutes. Is that 4 min total or 4 min after each add?

  • Posted by: mbobden
  • December 13, 2018


Nancy December 13, 2018
I use both with good results in both taste and texture.
Generally, use what you have, can find, can afford.
I seem to remember reading that unbleached is safer, healthier in long run, but I haven't checked it out recently.
You might want to look into that.
Nancy December 14, 2018
Ok refreshed my knowledge.
Unbleached yes healthier, more expensive and provides more structure for yeast breads.
See thekitchn and other web sites for more details.
mbobden December 13, 2018
Thanks Nancy you've been a big help. Since you bake often do you have any suggestion re; unbleached or bleached flour when baking brioche or challah?
Nancy December 13, 2018
Reading the recipe at Bon Appetit or Epicurious, and having made brioche, my suspicion is 4 min total (to add the butter in 1 tbps increments).
Then there is more beating (8 or 9 min by machine) until dough pulls away from bowl.
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