How do I add a sweet element to savory soup (roasted cauliflower soup)?

I made a roasted cauliflower soup today and after tasting it tasted very one dimensional so I added some chipotle to give it a spice note but it still needed something sweet. I couldn’t think of what to put in it so I just used honey which worked out great but I’m wondering what other options I had ?

  • Posted by: Debra
  • December 13, 2018


MMH December 14, 2018
Sweet corn
Debra December 15, 2018
Oooh! Sweet corn would be fabulous. Thank you!
Smaug December 14, 2018
Personally, I think you nailed it; I'd probably use mustard in place of the chipotle.
Debra December 15, 2018
Thank you! I didn't think of mustard as a spicy note. I will put that on the list for next time. Since I am in Texas we tend to use a lot of chiles so the chipotle was handy. :)
Smaug December 15, 2018
I'm a chili/chile guy myself, it was a good idea. Mustard and honey is a pretty classic combination with cauliflower, broccoli etc., that's why I bring it up.
702551 December 14, 2018
The most obvious one would be onions including caramelized ones.

Beets would also be a good candidate.
Debra December 15, 2018
Beets are a very interesting option. I bet that would create a beautiful color also. Thanks for your response!
MaddyBelle December 14, 2018
I like to add a fruit as garnish like thinly sliced or shredded pear or apple. Also apple cider (or other fruit juice) as part of the cooking liquid!
Debra December 15, 2018
Thanks MaddyBelle! Do you think I could also add apple or pear before I puree the soup?
Nancy December 13, 2018
Carrot, sweet potato, a little dried fruit or dried tomatoes.
Debra December 14, 2018
Thank you Nancy. Those are great suggestions! I will keep them in mind for next time.
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