Love the taste of my Cauliflower/Cheddar soup but not the smell.

Is there a spice or herb that can be added that will not change taste but can diminish the odor?

  • Posted by: Joan
  • April 3, 2015


Nancy April 3, 2015
Or you could roast the cauliflower, which gives great flavor and no odors, then mix it with the rest of the ingredients to finish the soup.
Joan April 3, 2015
Thanx Nancy,That would add even more flavor. Great idea. I think I brought my question to the right place...
Cav April 3, 2015
How long are you cooking it for? The longer a cauliflower, or another brassica like a cabbage, is cooked for, the more cells break down releasing the sulfurous compounds into the air creating that institutional aroma.
Joan April 3, 2015
Thank you Cav... You just answered my question. This is a slow cook recipe (but doesn't have to be) Next time I'll do it the old fashioned way.
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