If I rest cookie dough for 3 days instead of the overnight mentioned in the recipe, will the flour overhydrate and the dough become hard to handle?

This is in reference to a few recipes from Alice Medrich's Flavor Flour cookbook, so too much gluten formation is not an issue but hardening up might be: Classic Ginger (has baking soda), buckwheat sables (tiny amount of baking soda, and nutella sandwich cookies (no leavener)

Michelle de Lima
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1 Comment

marianne December 18, 2018
This just happened to me. I made a brown butter toffee cookie dough on Thursday. I as making several doughs and had too many projects going simultaneously. That particular dough was overlooked in the fridge until Sunday ( yikes!) but I baked it anyway and the cookies still came out perfect. The recipe had both baking powder 7 soda. Also the recipe called for no resting time at all. Hope this is helpful.
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