I want, eventually, to stuff a boneless pork roast , and the hungarian recipe i may make (p.107, Carry-out Cuisine) directs me : "Using a skewer, stuff the roast with the hot smoked sausage(same length as the roast)" What the heck does this mean? I thought i would take a slicing or boning knife, insert it through the middle, lengthwise, of the roast, wiggle it around to make a cavity, and insert the sausage(I thought i'd use andouille.) What's your method?
p.s. I'd love any links to fav Stuffed Pork recipes of yours! Thx much for your help.

LeBec Fin


ChefJune April 10, 2016
I do the boning knife thing and when I've made the slit, I stick my sharpening steel into the incision to make the hole big enough for the stuffing.
LeBec F. April 11, 2016
ah yes, a chef after my own heart!
pierino April 10, 2016
You open up the roast, spread it out, make a few diagonal slashes and add your filing. After that using kitchen twine you it back up like a salami. Merrill uses the same method I do and there is a video here it Food52 that you can use. It's probably on YouTube too.
pierino April 10, 2016
As you asked, here's my own recipe.
amysarah April 10, 2016
I'd just make a cavity with a knife, as you describe - andouille is firm, so should be easy to work through it. I've also stuffed pork loin (with dried fruit, herbs, etc.) by making a sort of "c" shape cut lengthwise to "uncoil" it into one thinner piece, then stuffed, rolled and tied.
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