Yule Log Flavor Pairings

I’m making a Yule log this year and stuck on my flavors. I’ve previously done a more traditional chocolate, chocolate, and vanilla, but want to use my favourite marshmallow frosting recipe (I.e. fresh fluff). I’m sticking with a chocolate sponge to go with the marshmallow frosting, but am at a lack of ideas for fillings.

I’ve previously considered vanilla and peanut butter filling, but do not plan to go with either. Suggestions?

  • Posted by: Madison
  • December 21, 2018


Lori T. December 23, 2018
I do a coffee flavored filling for my yule log, with a dark chocolate ganache to cover. I'm thinking a coffee flavored marshmallow filling, perhaps with a hit of brandy or rum - ought to pair nicely. You could use espresso powder mixed in with the liquor, and then stir that in to the filling. While I'm thinking about this, I might just do that myself this year.
whiskito December 22, 2018
Chocolate and marshmallow suggest a time-tested pairing--graham crackers, for a s'mores log! You could flavor the filling with vanilla and/or cinnamon and then fold in crushed graham crackers (they will suck up moisture from the filling, sort of like an icebox cake, but I think it would work). Depending on what the frosting is like, it would be a nice touch to toast some of the outside with a kitchen torch (ala meringue pie).

A different direction: toasted, chopped pistachios and orange zest.
BerryBaby December 22, 2018
Using a frosting base...mocha, coconut, rum (extract) peppermint.
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