Meringue turns into marshmallow

Hello! I consider myself a decent amateur baker. However, my favorite dessert is one of the most easy desserts and for some reason, never works out. Every time I try to make pavlova, after adding the sugar, my meringue turns into a more marshmallow fluff consistency - shiny and smooth, sticky, doesn't really hold peaks. It bakes up ok but it is not what I am going for. Ironically I have made sponge cakes and other whipped egg white desserts without any trouble. I do room temp eggs, make sure there is no yolk, clean my bowl so everything is grease-free, add the sugar slowly, etc. I have begun adding sugar when the eggs are foamy or already holding peaks. Everything I try gives the same result. Any ideas? Thanks!

Mollie M
  • Posted by: Mollie M
  • December 25, 2018
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1 Comment

Amy January 10, 2019
I always add my sugar when the eggs are liquid. It helps them "whip" up better. Try that and see if it helps. And don't overwhip, or they will be "dry" and break on you.

Good luck!
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