Can anyone diagnose what happened to my macarons?

I suspect I may have folded the batter too much. But this happened to all my macarons. They turn out flat and sticky on the inside. This is my first try and I tried multiple small batches. At first I baked them at 300F for 17 min. Then at 275F for 20 min. I am using a small oven, a little bigger than a toaster oven. Anyone know how I can fix them now (I have some batter left) or is the problem the batter?

  • Posted by: Alyssa
  • December 25, 2018
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Stephanie B. December 25, 2018
This post has a lot of macaron trouble shooting: but I think you're probably right about over mixing the batter, and I don't know how to rescue that, sorry!
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