My macarons are browning before they are finished baking.

They are starting to brown around the 9 minute mark at 325F. They aren't finished baking until 10.5/11 min. They come out of the oven a toasty golden color like you would want your other goodies to look like but they are no longer pastel pink or green. They aren't burnt because they still melt in your mouth, taste good and don't crack/crunch. How can I prevent the browning? This happened to 2 batches of batter (about 8 different pans worth). I considered covering the top of the pan with foil but I didn't know if that would ruin them.



grandrivergirl April 28, 2017
The last recipe I used called for them to be baked at 275 for 17 minutes and that worked well.
PieceOfLayerCake April 27, 2017
For what it's worth, I bake my macaron at 300F.
Charlie S. April 27, 2017
Cool. Check link I sent, which has other links as well, for lots of little trucs that might smooth the way for you.
Charlie S. April 27, 2017
Rachel, I think the answer is in the oven set up - temps/convection feature off, etc. but it's not entirely impossible that the ingredient proportions are off. Not sure whose recipe you're using but if you're using one that uses volume instead of weight measurements then it's time to make a move to baking by weight -- you'll get a better feel for proportions, too. You should even weigh liquid ingredients.

Sanity check here:
Rachelwrites April 27, 2017
Hi. It's Colette Christian's recipe and it uses weight. Thanks!
ChefJune April 27, 2017
#1 - Verify your oven temp. I'll bet it's off and the macarons are finished earlier than you think.
#2 - Be sure you are not using a dark baking pan!
#3 - Don't use a convection oven for macarons. Go with your regular setting.
Charlie S. April 27, 2017
If you have a convection oven turn off the fan(s) and the third element and use it as a conventional if it will let you. Just brainstorming.... If none of this works it has the be the ingredients.
Rachelwrites April 27, 2017
Do you mean an ingredient would be spoiled or just in the wrong amount? They look perfect other than browning. It's not a convection but I am going to try everyone's advice on the double pan, lower notch and check the temp this weekend. I'll try to remember to report back.
Charlie S. April 27, 2017
If you're sure they weren't in fact done before they over-browned, then I'd double-pan and lower the temp by 25* until you're able to check your oven with thermometer(s).
Rachelwrites April 27, 2017
They were still quite slide-y when they started to brown. I will try 300F until I can get a thermometer reading.
Charlie S. April 27, 2017
1st -- check your oven temp with a thermometer, maybe even two thermometers. If they're browning too fast on the bottom use a Silpat and double-pan them, though it sounds like they're browning too fast on the top as well. Try double-panning them and moving the rack down a notch in the oven.
Rachelwrites April 27, 2017
Thank you! They are browning top and bottom.
Celia W. October 1, 2021
I'm having the same exact problem you're having. did you ever find a solution?
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