Anyone know why my black-eyed peas taste like petroleum?

Every year I make Hoppin John for New Years. I buy the same peas at the same place--same brand, same freshness, etc. This year they have a horrible smell--a little petroleum like and a little metallic. And they taste bad. They didn't have any odor or other give away signs of having gone bad. I'm scratching my head over this.

Lori Lyn Narlock
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1 Comment

trampledbygeese January 1, 2013
What kind of pot did you cook them in? Some metals react very weirdly with beans, some clay pots have metal in them. Have you changed houses or are you using different water? Some city water can have heavy metal in it.

Also, sometimes companies put ingredients in their ingredients. Some products like beans will include unlikely ingredients like oil, either as part of the manufacturing process or to prevent them sticking together (like how most raisins have soy or canola oil in them these days, so people with allergies have to read the ingredients list on their ingredients). It makes no sense to put oil in beans, but I've seen it done, and since when do companies make sense?
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