Anyone know why my black-eyed peas taste like petroleum?

Every year I make Hoppin John for New Years. I buy the same peas at the same place--same brand, same freshness, etc. This year they have a horrible smell--a little petroleum like and a little metallic. And they taste bad. They didn't have any odor or other give away signs of having gone bad. I'm scratching my head over this.

Lori Lyn Narlock


Iamthewalrus November 13, 2019
I know this is a really old thread, but I just have to reply. I recently got a pressure cooker and have been experimenting with all sorts of beans. It’s great. Except... black eyed peas. Horrible smell!! Like ammonia? My whole apartment smelled like hair dye ;) Weird thing is, my boyfriend can’t smell it. I get the same thing with buckwheat, which others love. Maybe I have olfactory dysfunction.
Sam1148 January 1, 2013
Are they fresh peas, dried, or frozen.
Sometimes if you soak dried beans too long they have a yeasty smell. What other additions did you add? Late onions this time of year can have a sulfur smell almost metallic.
Lori L. January 1, 2013
Thanks, Sam. They were fresh. This year instead of following the directions on the package, I sauteed some ham and vegetables, added the beans and water and brought to a boil. The smell from the pot--which I use for everything and have never had a problem with--was more of a stench, but not a normal food stench. And the beans were tough. It took about two hours before they were finally tender. Weird. I'll write to the company tomorrow.
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