What type of flavoring should I use for a tiered rainbow cake?

I am trying to make a large rainbow cake, but vanilla is a bit bland. What flavors could I do that are delicious for it? I will need to do a buttercream too, so hopefully a flavor that could pair with it? I keep thinking to do a raspberry flavor, but I think most recipes call for pureed raspberries which would ruin the coloring. Normally I like chocolate, red velvet, spice cakes...so it's hard for me to just go with a flavorless vanilla. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



drbabs July 21, 2021
Almond extract would evoke the flavor of Italian rainbow cookies (which are made with almond paste and extract and have a thin layer of raspberry jam between the layers).
AntoniaJames July 20, 2021
This time of year, I'd do lemon and/or orange and almond, adding cardamom and citrus zest to the cake batter - all brightly flavored and on the light side -- though I realize those are not the flavors you typically prefer for cakes. ;o)
Nancy July 20, 2021
On COLOR, not much worry. Get a clear flavor extract from the baking aisle....they come in nut, fruit, rum etc flavors. Or use a clear alcohol (rum, liqueur) to flavor the cake).
On FLAVORS, rainbow cakes usually come in one base flavor for the cake (yes, vanilla, which you have ruled out) and get more flavor from the buttercream.
On the other hand, if you want to flavor each layer separately, go ahead and then use a plain buttercream to tie the flavors tother.
Third flavoring idea, balance between the cake and the buttercream common good combinations like banana and rum, chocolate and coffee, chocolate and bourbon, raspberry and peach, etc.
Good luck and please tell us what you eventually make.
Nancy July 20, 2021
"Tie the flavors together..."
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