Any tips for doubling this? I need to feed three kids and 2 adults(one of whom is breastfeeding!). Should I do extra chicken slices in batches (do... that get too messy??)? And should the broiler be HI or LO

Nicole Cox
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Weeknight Chicken Parm
Recipe question for: Weeknight Chicken Parm

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Ella Q. January 10, 2019
Hi Nicole,

You can just go ahead and double this fully, except for the egg you're using to dredge the chicken, you'll only need 3 for a double recipe (not 4 eggs). If you can fit it, I would just do both batches at once in two skillets. In terms of broiler setting, you should start off on high, but if the chicken is browning way too quickly (like, if it looks like it might start to burn in some spots after the first minute or so), try taking it down to low.

Let me know how it goes!
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