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Ever since Chopped debuted I find myself challenging myself with whatever ingredients I have on hand. It's a great way not waste a scrap and come up with interesting new taste experiences.
Here's my latest... a small piece of Polish sausage, a handful of 5 cheese tortellini, brown butter and a grind of Italian spices. It was so good that I would intentionally buy the ingredients to make it again. Took less than 30 minutes.
What have you created using only items you have available in fridge and pantry?

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Nancy January 15, 2019
Good ide, BB.
But/and I think all of us who cook from a CSA box or from refrigerator odds and ends to use up as much as possible before the next shopping already and always cook like CHOPPED contestants...
Nancy January 15, 2019
Should read: idea
My most frequent are not unusual: into salads, soups, freezer containers for later use.
Best non-standard is to use an international spice blend or sauce on western food to make a non-traditional but tasty main. Examples: tandoori spice, garam masala, za'atar, Hawaidj, chinese 5-spice, French 16th century ginger blend or quarter epices, fish sauce, butter .sauce, hot sauce (various)
BerryBaby January 15, 2019
Thanks, Nancy! I also change things up by using different herbs on everyday meals.
Lately, I've been sprinkling celery seed on salads and vegetables. I started using it because I read that celery helps joint inflammation. So I thought I wonder what celery seed would do and quite honestly it works extremely well and it's really tasty!
Stephanie B. January 15, 2019
I mentioned it in a question someone posted recently about miso, but I make a savory oatmeal that I think qualifies as a "Chopped" meal. It's miso oatmeal with wilted greens, an egg cooked any way as long as the yolk is runny, bacon, and maple syrup drizzled on to taste. I came up with it when I had lots of breakfast ingredients, an ancient tub of miso, spinach wilting in the back of my fridge, no desire to go the store, and no dinner. I was pleasantly surprised and have made it a few times since, sometimes switching up the toppings (onions sautéed with plenty of black pepper until golden/blond because I'm too hungry to fully caramelize, avocado instead of bacon, other veggies I have on hand...). I've tried to describe it to other people and got weird looks but I love it!
BerryBaby January 15, 2019
Stephanie, that sounds really good! May have to give that a try! BB😋
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