What can I do with powdered eucalyptus?

I am in love with my spice grinder. Nothing is more fun to me than finding new things at the store to grind - or, barring that, buying something interesting, drying it in my dehydrator, then trying to grind it.

So. I found dried eucalpytus leaves and plan on powdering them tonight. What should I do with it?

Ben Pagel
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susan G. December 15, 2012
Tea for coughs and colds, although crushed would be better than powdered.
SeaJambon December 13, 2012
Kristen - I have the Alinea cookbook, so decided to take a peak in the index. For eucalyptus he offers: Crab Apple, White Cheddar, Eucalyptus, Onion; Eucalyptus Gelatin; Eucalyptus Pudding; Lamb, Akudjura, Olive, Eucalyptus Veil; and Pear, Eucalyptus, Olive Oil, Black Pepper. So, Ben, maybe that gives you some ideas?
Kristen W. December 13, 2012
I have a recollection that in his recent memoir, Grant Achatz mentions using eucalyptus in some dishes. Not that you'd necessarily want to try to make that kind of food, but maybe if you googled "Grant Achatz eucalyptus", you might get some ideas about possible flavor combinations.
Ben P. December 13, 2012
Maybe I should just make some Mint Eucalyptus ice cream and throw it in the freezer for the inevitable winter sickness.
ChefOno December 13, 2012

Better that you're looking for things to grind than if you had fallen in love with a culinary torch. ;-)

Sorry, all that comes to mind are cough drops and Vic's VapoRub.

Ben P. December 13, 2012
I haven't tasted it yet, but it definitely smells like you'd expect it to smell. I'm thinking it might be interesting paired with mint since it's so often paired with menthol...
lloreen December 13, 2012
Do they smell good? I'd make a salt scrub or just pour a little into a hot bath. I love the smell of eucalyptus, but I am not sure it would be appealing as a taste ...too woodsy.
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