What can I do with powdered eucalyptus?

I am in love with my spice grinder. Nothing is more fun to me than finding new things at the store to grind - or, barring that, buying something interesting, drying it in my dehydrator, then trying to grind it.

So. I found dried eucalpytus leaves and plan on powdering them tonight. What should I do with it?

Ben Pagel
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HalfPint December 13, 2012
Be careful consuming eucalyptus. You only need a small amount. If you take too much, it can kill you. It has medicinal uses, like a decongestant, anti-bacterial. But same amounts (I'm not sure how though) and don't give it to children as the probability of overdose is higher.

HalfPint December 13, 2012
sorry that should be "small amounts" not "same".
Monita December 13, 2012
You could make a flavored simple syrup and then use it with soda water or in a martini (http://cocktails.about.com/od/ginrecipes/r/eucalyptus_tini.htm)
You could flavor honey or vinegar. Or use it to make tea
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