What was your favorite recipe in 2018?

Updated question to 2018....

There were many so this may be a bit tough to pick one! Could be any recipe from soup to nuts...



BerryBaby January 17, 2019
Here's the amazing bread...make it once, and you will make it again!
Stephanie B. January 17, 2019
Is it too rich for breakfast?
BerryBaby January 17, 2019
Hmmm, I eat at breakfast but, yes, it is rich. Honestly, it's more of a dessert tea bread. I love it frozen!
A note on the bananas...I have found one large banana is 1/2 C. smashed. Two large bananas are perfect.
BerryBaby January 17, 2019
Mine would be Lena Abraham's, Delish, Chocolate banana bread with peanut cream cheese filling. I posted the recipe. Can't even count how many times I've made this. Today we finished the last bite from the 2 loaves I made last week .
Stephanie B. January 17, 2019
Thank you, I really enjoyed making it (in regards to the cake I posted). I saved the peanut butter banana chocolate cake you mentioned, you had me at the peanut butter...and chocolate...banana.
Stephanie B. January 16, 2019
This is a tough one! I cook a lot, and don't often make the same thing twice...I'll pick baking because it's easier to remember what I made, and I'm more likely to follow a recipe.

The winner is: Stella Park's White Mountain Layer Cake. I made her funfetti variation with pink, cherry flavored Marshmallow Buttercream (also from Stella Parks). Traditional layer cakes are one of my least favorite desserts, but I just loved this - it was a fun challenge (that frosting is particular), and the whole thing was just a fluffy, nostalgic delight that brought huge smiles when I brought it to work. And it was a cake I actually enjoyed eating quite a bit!
BerryBaby January 17, 2019
That is beautiful, Stephanie!
It looks absolutely delicious!
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