Hi I am making brownies and I have dark chocolate with nuts in it. How do I remove the crushed nuts bits from the melted dark chocolate

Jenna Johnson


Ttrockwood August 17, 2018
- melt and strain through a fine sieve (this will be a big pain and take a good while)
- leave in the nuts
- wait to make brownies until you have the chocolate you want to use
serena August 16, 2018
Don't! Just leave them in. You may want to use more chocolate to balance out the volume of nuts in the bar. Plus, more chocolate never hurt any brownie recipe I've made. :)
HalfPint August 16, 2018
You can try to strain through a sieve, but it's a total pain and might now work, depending how finely chopped the nuts are (whole nuts or large pieces should not be an issue). Maybe try a brownie recipe using unsweetened cocoa powder.
HalfPint August 16, 2018
* might not work

sorry for the typo.
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