I just read about soaking seeds and nuts which I was never aware of before, but I also read you should by them unpasteurized. where can you b

Brenda J


Brenda J. January 26, 2012
How do you make almond milk that sounds delicious.
jblock January 25, 2012
What are you using the soaked nuts for? Personally, I am addicted to almond milk-I make it every week. i also soak nuts and seeds to make raw granola in the dehydrator.
Brenda J. January 24, 2012
Oh really, i'd like to know about the agent in toothpaste. And thank you for the wonderful answers and explanations. It helped set things really straight for me.
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BTW, PPO is used in motorcycle racing fuel, and it is still used on food. geezsh!
SKK January 24, 2012
I know, Chef Michael, and it is a known carcinogen. Don't get me started on what the foaming agent is in toothpaste that is used to clean factory floors and whomever uses it has to be fully protected.
SKK January 22, 2012
I will address soaking nuts and pasturized and unpasturized nuts. The raw food wisdom says soak all nuts first except for macadamias. Not necessary to soak those and you can. The purpose of soaking is to take away the skin of the nut, which is nature's way of protecting the nut from little pesky creatures eating them. I do find that when I soak walnuts, almonds and slip the skin off the nut taste is more pronounced and the bitter taste lessens.

Regarding pasturized and unpasturized. Pasturized nuts started with almonds and a law passed in California a couple of years ago. There are two ways of pasturizing: 1. Quick-steaming 2.spraying them with propylene oxide (PPO) which is not a great chemical. The only way you know if your nuts are quick steamed is to buy organic, otherwise there is no guarantee what you are eating.

When I purchase nuts I go to my favorite organic grocers here and they label pasturized/non-pasturized. Also buy in bulk online and freeze them.

Tarragon January 23, 2012
Thank you. How does one soak the nuts-in what solution, how long, in fridge? etc. Does this apply only to raw nuts or also regular roasted nuts that have skin. For example, hazelnuts or almonds?
SKK January 23, 2012
Soak the nuts in plain water. Usually a couple of hours does it and they do not have to be refrigerated while soaking. Use raw nuts, not roasted. Here are some tips: http://www.learnrawfood.com/blog/comments/storage_tip_soaked_nuts_and_seeds/
By the way, Jennifer Cornbleet has a great book.
Amanda H. January 22, 2012
Let us know what you're soaking them for -- not sure I understand your question yet. Thanks.
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