What brand and strain of yeast is used as I cannot find anything that makes sense

  • Posted by: Zech
  • January 24, 2019
Homemade Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Recipe question for: Homemade Alcoholic Ginger Beer


boulangere January 25, 2019
It is unfortunate that your local home brew store is not reliable. My son is a homebrewer who lives in Reno, NV, which has an active and supportive homebrew community. I called him and explained your dilemma. He strongly suggested that you call his favorite shop: Reno Homebrewer. They deal in both beer and wine making supplies, and my son says they have been extremely generous in helping when he has questions. 775-329-2537. Persevere!
marcellatp January 24, 2019
Red Star makes a champagne yeast that is readily available online if you can't find it locally and your local brew shop is uncooperative. If you prefer to not order online perhaps your local red star bread yeast carrying grocery store would be willing to order some for you. Always worth asking the manager.
boulangere January 24, 2019
Look in your area for a home brew shop. They should be able to easily help you.
Zech January 24, 2019
thing is he is never open and no hours posed anywhere
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