Shelling pistachios

I feel like I'm missing something fundamental. There are a variety of pistachio-related recipes that interest me, and shelling them isn't a big deal, but getting the husks off of the nuts is a royal pain. Is there some sure-fire technique that I'm ignorant of?



jeinde March 18, 2011
I also have several recipes for shelled pistachios. Trader Joes (if you have one near you) sells them already shelled, as do several Indian grocery stores near my home as some curries call for ground nut (cashews, pistachios) for thickening and the Indian grocery prices are pretty inexpensive.
hardlikearmour March 18, 2011
Rose Levy Berenbaum recommends toasting the nuts for 10 minutes at 350º F, and then using your fingers or fingernails to remove the skin. They lose flavor if you do the boiling method. The skin doesn't impart a bad flavor, so you can leave the skin on (see my Pixie Pudding recipe on this site. The final color is tannish from the skins rather than ultra pale green.)
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