Extra Baklava filling Uses?

I made some the other day and have a lot of the filling left over. I don't want to make more baklava bites because handling the phyllo is slightly painful. I used Giada's recipe as a base but it made wayyyyy more filling than I anticipated. I don't want to waste the filling since I used good quality mix of nuts (almonds, pistachios, walnuts) mixed with honey, butter, cinnamon, plain breadcrumbs, etc. One idea that springs to mind is to use the filling in mini tart shells? Open to other suggestions as well!



BavarianCook March 18, 2015
I'd use it for "Bratapfel" - an oven baked apple. Hollow the core out of the washed apple, insert the baklava filling, and bake in the oven with a little apple juice (or perhaps calvados) drizzled over the top.
Lost_in_NYC March 18, 2015
Thanks Everyone for the suggestions! Fortunately/Unfortunately the mixture also has breadcrumbs in it (trust me its good!) so I may have to go the dessert route.
TobiT March 17, 2015
This might be totally whacked, but I'd be tempted to use it almost as a pesto on fresh pappardelle. Maybe as a brunch dish. Depending on how sweet it is, you might want to add some more ground nuts. Though of course it would still be on the sweet side.
Not a conventional use, but might be kind of fun!
Nancy March 17, 2015
To iT - I think it sounds Interesting. Also, made me think of using the sweet nut filling as a paste (presto) to garnish fresh fruit...pineapple, pear, apple, orange, berries. Also on ice cream, with or without the fruit.
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 17, 2015
Not wacky. Add to egg noodles for kugel.
TobiT March 17, 2015
Maybe I was just channeling my bubbie's kugel!
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 17, 2015
You could try making a batch of thumbprint cookies.
hardlikearmour March 17, 2015
I bet it would make an amazing fruit crisp topping. I also think it would be great stirred into morning oatmeal or incorporated into a baked french toast recipe.
Nancy March 17, 2015
nicw problem to have. Mix with cooked rice or noodles abd a simple custard to get either rice pudding or a sweet noodle cake (Kugel). because of high sugar content, will also freeze well, if you don't use it all now.
Nancy March 17, 2015
P.S. forgot to say, you should bake these after mixing the cooked grain, raw custard & baklava filling.
keg72 March 17, 2015
I'd take a look at coffee cake recipes where nuts are included in the filling/topping and sub in your mixture. Or, use it as a topping for a fruit crumble (perhaps with the addition of a little cold butter and flour to hold it together). It could probably also work as a filling for cinnamon rolls, although again you might have to adjust your mixture slightly. I wouldn't want to let it go to waste either!
Alexandra V. March 17, 2015
I had a lady use my baklava recipe, as a topping for cheesecake! It looked incredible! But you could also top panna cotta or ice cream.
Aliwaks March 17, 2015
What about those pre-formed little filo cups they sell ? You can fill them and they are just almost baklava.

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jilhil March 17, 2015
Roll it up in bread dough to make a sweet bread (or cinnamon buns.)
jilhil March 17, 2015
Also, if you want to stay away from desserts, roast some carrots or winter squash and mix in some of the topping a few minutes before they are done ( just enough time to let the nuts toast a bit.). Ooh - toast - I bet it would make fabulous cinnamon toast, too.
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