What is nutritional info for this recipe?



Ttrockwood January 30, 2019
There are a number of websites that you can copy over the ingredients and it will give you nutritional info. I uploaded this recipe and it’s approx 500cal and 18g fat per serving with 8 servings per recipe. Just serve smaller portions to reduce those numbers
Kristen January 31, 2019
Awesome thanks...can you tell me the carbs too?
Kelly N. January 31, 2019
Thank you! Was able to find a website and got info! Much more of a customer friendly approach!
Xiami L. January 27, 2019
To calculate the nutritional information for the recipe, you can google the calories, macro, etc for each ingredient and add it together. Than, divide by this number by the number of servings you want to divide the dish into.
Kelly N. January 27, 2019
Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahhhahahahhahahahha. Yeah. I’ll get right on that.
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