How would recipe this do as muffins?

I'm the office treat-baker, and thought as muffins this would be a nice "Welcome to 2023" surprise. I usually use XL silicone muffin cup (the size muffins you see in coffee shops).

I've seen a few quick-bread recipes that gave guidelines for doing muffins instead of a loaf, so I was hoping to try with this recipe?

Ken Kiyama


drbabs December 31, 2022
Yes, I think it would be fine.
Ken K. December 31, 2022
thanks. looking at different muffin & quick bread recipes to get as estimate of time & temp.
drbabs December 31, 2022
I’d keep it at 350 and start checking at around 15-20 minutes. Usually you can start to smell them when they’re close to being done.
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