If I half the recipe, what size pan would be appropriate? 8 inches or 9? Also..how much would the baking time be altered?

  • Posted by: FK
  • February 11, 2019
Chocolate Nemesis
Recipe question for: Chocolate Nemesis


Mike February 12, 2019
Gotta calculate square inch. They are using a 12 inch pan so radius square * pie => 6x6x3.1416= 113 sqinch
8inch pan => 4x4x3.1416=50 sqinch you need 44% of the recipe
9inch pan => 4,5x4.5x3.1416=64 sqinch you need 56% of the recipe
So those two probably work with 5 eggs either slightly thinner resp thicker then in the recipe. Baking time slightly shorter I couldn’t tell you how much.
Smaug February 12, 2019
It's actually simpler than that; you don't need the actual area since you're just looking for a proportion. You can simply square the diameter (or the radius, whichever number is easier to work with), halve it and the square root of that will be the number you want. Or, for a half recipe, you can simply divide the diameter by the square root of 2 (about 1.414)
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