hard jelly

My mother in law made raspberry/current jam or jelly but I think she overcooked it. It is hard and impossible to remove from the jar. Is there anyway to revive it?

  • Posted by: Eve
  • February 24, 2019


creamtea February 24, 2019
I would try putting the whole open jar in a larger pot or bowl of hot water to see if it softens up (for a temporary fix and for immediate use). Not a long-term fix though.
Eve February 24, 2019
thank you. I'll try it
Lori T. February 24, 2019
Jelly or jam will soften and become liquid like when heated. If you put the jar in a saucepan with water, and heat it gently, you'd be able to remove it from the jar. At that point, you can thin it with a couple tablespoons of water. It may or may not re-jell as it cools- it depends on how much the pectin was damaged. It may be overly stiff due to excess pectin, or not enough juice/fruit, as well as overcooking. If it doesn't, it might still stay soft enough to spread. You can use it for the original purpose, as a glaze for meat (ought to be tasty on poultry or pork!), or as a glaze for things like poundcake.
Eve February 24, 2019
thanks for your suggestions!
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