Seeking recipe - apple and raspberry jam

I would like to make some apple and raspberry jam. Not much experience making jam, so I was wondering if you could help me find a recipe (and instructions on how to can it safely - 125ml jars).

Raspberries are a bit heavy for me, so I would love to have some jam that is about equal berry and apple. I have about 5 cups of (slightly squished but freshly picked) berries and 4 green apples. Google gives me recipes that are mostly berry... is there a reason for this? Would apple heavy jam not work? Any thoughts on a recipe I could try?



HalfPint June 20, 2016
This one is 50/50 Apple to berries,

Worth a try and you can then tweak to your liking. Usually it's 1:1 (weight/weight) sugar to fruit for jam, but it can depend on the fruit that you use and how much pectin is in the fruit. Green apples have a lot of pectin. That's why there are recipes with mostly berries; the apples are there for the pectin. You should be able to make a mostly apple jam. I would grate the apple so the texture will be more smooth rather than chunky.
Nancy June 19, 2016
A few thoughts from an experienced home canner.
Just as an experienced cook can scan a new recipe and - even without having made it - guess from experience that it will likely work or not work, so too with canning recipes.
My reaction is that mixing two fruits so different in taste, color and texture that one (likely raspberry) will dominate the other, for an unhappy result.
Not like a multi berry, or a mixture of similar tree fruits (like apple pear), which might work better.
But the apple & raspberry flavors could go well in serving.
One suggestion is to can them separately and serve (proportions up to you) together.
There are tons of berry recipes out there. Here's one good apple jam recipe from Bon Appetit:
For safe canning, follow instructions from
* manufactuers (Ball, Bernadin, Mason etc)
* reliable cookbooks (Mrs Wheelbarrow, a member here, just published one recently; Putting Food By is in its 5th edition)
* local county extension or home economics service.
702551 June 19, 2016
The reason why there are few raspberry-apple jam recipes is because apples are completely out of season.
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