Switch out Gruyere cheese for WHAT in a Potato-Leek Gratin recipe?

I used this amazing recipe last Christmas for a gratin but I hate Gruyere cheese, and anything that evenly remotely tastes like Swiss. I mistakenly used cheddar instead without realizing that it's a much saltier cheese and totally ruined it! I want to make it again, but need other cheese options that are less salty and less "Swiss-y!" Thank you so much!

  • Posted by: AlyssaM
  • March 19, 2011


usuba D. March 20, 2011
I agree with fontina, as long as it is real Italian fontina, but also look for Franche Comte. I have noticed it is everywhere lately and worth the notoriety.
jeinde March 20, 2011
One of my favorite potato gratin recipes uses feta as the cheese (yes, it is salty but potatoes do need some salt) and rosemary as the herb scattered between the layers of potatoes.
ATG117 March 19, 2011
I'd say parm, but if you don't like pungent and salty, you might be more apt to try provolone, a great melting, relatively mild cheese. Or, for even more mild, mozzarella. I almost want to say you can do a goat cheese if you're a fan, but I'm trying to imange the goat cheese with leeks, and I'm not so sure I'm feeling that.
latoscana March 19, 2011
Monterrey Jack is buttery and less salty than other suggestions - kind of bland actually, but melts nicely and gives a rounded flavor.
AlyssaM March 19, 2011
Nutcakes, you and I are totally on the same page. So far, Fontina and Gouda are my favorites!
nutcakes March 19, 2011
oh the Fontina is a great idea. I thought of gouda would be good too.
amysarah March 19, 2011
Fontina might work - fairly mild, nutty, not overly salty, melts beautifully.
Queen O. March 19, 2011
I might try some inexpensive brie for creaminess, plus the parmesan for flavor & golden goodness on top. Or even some cream cheese plus the parm.
AlyssaM March 19, 2011
You guys are awesome!! Keep the options coming!!
littleknitter March 19, 2011
Have you tried aged gouda or any of the other nutty cheeses? They provide a nice, mellow flavor that adds richness without adding salt or the stronger flavors of swiss or gruyere.
vvvanessa March 19, 2011
is emmenthal too swiss-y? i agree with trying parmesan. it might not turn out as gooey-cheesy, but i think the flavor would be great. there's also a younger version of asiago called asiago pressato that is mild but also has the melty-gooey quality. it's my favorite (along with gruyère) in a grilled cheese sandwich.
Sam1148 March 19, 2011
Queso Quesadilla a Mexican melting cheese widely available and affordable.
Although, it might have a bit of the salty taste but far less sharp than Swiss.
I find supermarket Mozzarella a bit bland, plastic like, use the Queso Quesadilla for pizza when I can't get good mozzarella.

Try it first melted on toast before using in a recipe as taste test.
phyllis March 19, 2011
I add Stilton cheese to potato & leek soup. Might be wonderful in the gratin.
nutcakes March 19, 2011
I can't imagine a better cheese than gruyere for that. But you could use a mild cheese (mozzarella) agumented with Parmesan to add back flavor.
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