Can’t find a flat whisk for non-stick pans

I make a lot of rouxs and gravies and the whisk I always use broke. I’ve been searching and searching for a replacement but can’t find one. Any suggestions where I can find one?

  • Posted by: Peggy
  • March 11, 2019


ariel A. March 11, 2019
Have you considered using a silicone ball whisk? I've never used one for a roux specifically, but Stella Parks recommends them for pans that don't have rounded corners.
Lori T. March 11, 2019
Bed, Bath and Beyond and Amazon both carry silicone coated flat whisks. Another suggestion is to look for a traditional Swedish style birch twig whisk. They are a bit more expensive, but are safe to use with nonstick pans and if taken care of, will last many many years.
Peggy March 11, 2019
Thanks! I just ordered the one from Amazon! Looks like exactly what I need!
Nancy March 11, 2019
Alas. Suggestions
Silicon whisk (balloon shape)
Flat edge wooden stirrer (to get goid bits up from bottom of pan)
Blending - do before heating with stick blender or similar
Chop sticks
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