Searching for a springform tube pan that is NOT non-stick

My ancient 9" springform tube pan finally died and I am searching for a new one. I don't like or trust non-stick coatings, especially if I am going to apply heat. Visits to the usual high-end cookware stores as well as my wonderful local hardware have yielded nothing but non-stick pans. I've tried eBay. Any ideas?



Nancy November 6, 2015
Rose Levy Beranbaum recommended in her Cake Bible a sort of tube accessory which can convert any round cake pan into a tube pan. If I remember rightly, it plain metal...regular, no coating.
Have a look at the baking supply or restaurant supply houses for this, if the solutions proposed so far don't work out.
calendargirl November 6, 2015
Thank you so much everyone! carries a tin version which will be perfect. Katom's offerings lean toward angel food pans, but I love knowing about this place and have been oggling their wares. And I never knew of Smart & Final either, so I have learned a lot through my query. In the end, professional restaurant supply houses win (again)!
HalfPint November 6, 2015
cookbookchick November 6, 2015
Go to, a restaurant supply company. They seem to have some.
702551 November 6, 2015
I suggest you try Amazon and your local restaurant supply stores, the professional grade ones, not Sur La Table or Williams-Sonoma. Also, maybe Smart & Final. They are discount chain, so they might have the plain ones.

Not sure if a dollar store would carry the plain ones, but if you drive by one, it can't hurt to pop your head in.

Good luck.
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