I made this with chicken thighs and drumsticks but the thighs did not have enough flavor. Everyone loved the salad. I am trying to serve this fo...

...r a large dinner party. Any ideas on how to make sure chicken breasts will have enough flavor to match the vinaigrette?

  • Posted by: Sara
  • March 13, 2019


Nancy March 14, 2019
Foe more flavor, In addition to the brining idea, I might up the amount of onion and add some licorice- or bitter-tasting vegetable like fennel or endive.
Ttrockwood March 14, 2019
Although you thought the thighs lacked flavor for the dinner party you want to use chicken breasts...? I don’t think that will improve your outcome to use chicken breast.
My first thought is to brine the chicken first, note you need some advanced preparation and must must must use kosher salt- below libk explains the process and measurements.
After brining proceed with the recipe and omit the step of salting the chicken before baking

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