Emails now so shop-centric--Is there a different list?.

My emails from Food52 have such a heavy emphasis now on items in the shop rather than tips, articles and recipes. I don't mind shop promos but I don't want them to be 80 percent of the email. Is there a different list that puts the informational cooking/baking articles at the fore? Thanks much.

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Customer-Care March 17, 2019
Hi Jennifer! Thanks for writing reaching out. We have newsletter options I'd love to share with you. Please check your email for a response from [email protected], as someone will be reaching out to you shortly.
Amanda H. March 16, 2019
Hi Jennifer, yes we do -- I've asked our Customer Care team to reach out to help you with this. Thanks for your question,
Amanda Hesser, co-founder, Food52
JenniferJ March 16, 2019
Thanks so much.
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