Emails now so shop-centric--Is there a different list?.

My emails from Food52 have such a heavy emphasis now on items in the shop rather than tips, articles and recipes. I don't mind shop promos but I don't want them to be 80 percent of the email. Is there a different list that puts the informational cooking/baking articles at the fore? Thanks much.



helribn December 4, 2020
I am disappointed in your product review. Specifically,the handheld spice grinder and replacement spice jars are incompatible. Now you require that I pay for return shipping, too. This adds insult to injury.
Gretchen April 4, 2019
I second the comment on emphasis on shop items. Please advise how to adjust my subscription to deal with this.
Customer-Care April 4, 2019
Hi Gretchen! Thanks for your feedback. Reaching out directly — I'm hoping we can set you up with another option that will work better for you. Speak soon. — The Food52 Customer Care Team
Judith M. April 1, 2019
I have the same problem. Used to get food-related newsletters several times a week, now hardly ever. Help! Also, is there a way I can get directly in touch with one of your writers - Jessie Sheehan? Thanks, Judy
Customer-Care April 2, 2019
Hi Judy, and thanks for writing us. It may be that we need to adjust your subscription settings. Going to reach out to you directly to help with both questions! — The Food52 Customer Care Team
Customer-Care March 17, 2019
Hi Jennifer! Thanks for writing reaching out. We have newsletter options I'd love to share with you. Please check your email for a response from [email protected], as someone will be reaching out to you shortly.
Amanda H. March 16, 2019
Hi Jennifer, yes we do -- I've asked our Customer Care team to reach out to help you with this. Thanks for your question,
Amanda Hesser, co-founder, Food52
JenniferJ March 16, 2019
Thanks so much.
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