UPDATE: "Articles" now added to the Main Navigation

All, just a quick update to let you know that we've added a link to the main navigation that reads "Articles". It goes to what many of you know and love as our "blog" page.

A few notes: 1) We'll soon add a "category" to each of the articles listed there so you can quickly and easily identify which articles are which -- Genius Recipes, Cooking from Every Angle, etc. 2) We'll also add a list of categories to the right side of the page so you can easily jump to a list of all articles in a category.

Finally, thanks for bearing with us as we slowly but surely get our ducks back in a row. Your patience and feedback is very much appreciated.

  • Posted by: Peter
  • October 20, 2011


boulangere October 20, 2011
Great addition, thanks very much.
wssmom October 20, 2011
mrslarkin October 20, 2011
Thank you! Makes things more accessible and organized. Just curious, why don't you call that link "BLOG"?
Niknud October 20, 2011
Thanks so much! The website is making great strides - It'll all come together soon I'm sure.
AntoniaJames October 20, 2011
Fantastic! ;o)
fiveandspice October 20, 2011
Yay! That's wonderfully helpful!
luvcookbooks October 20, 2011
Thank you so much!
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