Cooking a 4-1/2 chuck roast in a crockpot. has been on hi for 4 hours.

It has shrunk but is not at all tender. Directions said hi for 5hours, or lo for 8 hrs. Should Iturn it on lo?

Gail Colwick


BerryBaby March 24, 2019
Slow cooking it dry or in liquid? I always cook mine without liquid.
They come out very flavorful and tender but at 4 lbs it will need the longer cooking time. And do not open the lid! Every time you do add an extra half hour. The heat needs to be consistent. Good luck!
Happygoin March 22, 2019
I cook a chuck roast in the oven for 3 hours. I can’t imagine it would be done (tender) in a crock pot in 4. I’d leave it in hi for another hour or two then check it again.
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