3 quart instant pot

Can I cut the recipe for black beans in half for my size pot?

  • Posted by: Sheila
  • April 1, 2019
Instant Pot Beans
Recipe question for: Instant Pot Beans


Ttrockwood April 2, 2019
Sure, no problem to do that.
Although cooked beans freeze really well, so i would make the whole recipe and freeze the extra portions to make a quick future meal
Smaug April 2, 2019
She seems to be dealing with a pretty small pot.
Sheila April 2, 2019
True. There is only me to cook for.🙂
Smaug April 2, 2019
I recently bought a 3 1/2 qt. Dutch Oven (Zelancio, and if the LeCreusets are any better you'd have to prove it to me) and have been having all kinds of fun with it- I cook for myself too, most of the time. Those 1 1/2lb. chuck roasts do take some looking for, though.
Smaug April 1, 2019
There are very few recipes that can't be halved; this one should present no difficulty at all.
Sheila April 2, 2019
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