Making a layer cake for a bake sale this weekend and wondering which frosting will stand up better throughout the day: buttercream or whipped

Jacqueline Russo


scruz March 10, 2015
uhm, could you send me a sample of both and i'll get back to you...especially if they are chocolate?
Pegeen March 10, 2015
How about a cake without frosting... something like this?
mickle March 10, 2015
Add "merangue" to the above post
mickle March 10, 2015
Do you have a recipe link for a Swiss buttercream icing?
boulangere March 10, 2015
A swiss meringue buttercream will stand up much better than the whipped ganache.
Jacqueline R. March 10, 2015
*whipped ganache (looks like my post was cut short)
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