Transporting a Chocolate Ganache Tart

Hello friends!

I made a vegan chocolate ganache tart (recipe here:
It is currently chilling in the fridge as directed in the recipe instructions. I will need to bring this tart to a friend's home tomorrow, and will be traveling for about 1 hr on public transport with no hand-carry cooler, just one of those mixed-use freezer/thermal bags. I am concerned that the chocolate ganache will get too soft along the way.

Please advise: Would you recommend FREEZING the tart overnight and taking it out of the freezer before I leave? Or will freezing adversely affect the texture/flavor profile of the tart?

Your advice is most appreciated. Thank you!

  • Posted by: Farrah
  • April 12, 2019


Gammy April 13, 2019
I frequently make and freeze a mean peanut butter pie with a dark chocolate ganache top. The top of the chocolate may sweat as it thaws, but it shouldn't affect the taste at all. I would either freeze the entire tart and/or make up a couple of double bagged zippered plastic bags filled with ice cubes loose enough so they can form a flat ice cold platform under the tart in your bag).
Farrah April 13, 2019
@Gammy, thank you so much for your reply! I had to figure everything out this morning, but I actually happened to do as you've suggested here, and had success!

Last night, I chilled the tart in the fridge, and then transferred to the freezer before heading to bed. This morning before departing I took the tart (frozen and still in its metal tart tin) and made a makeshift carrying case using a glass pie plate and rubber bands; and tucked the whole thing into a thermal/freezer bag with a frozen ice pack. When I got to my destination I immediately placed the tart into the fridge. I took the tart out an hour before serving time, it did start to sweat as you said it would, but other than that, there was no problem at all. The taste and texture were great!

Thanks again for taking the time to reply. Happy cooking and all best wishes to you!
Gammy April 13, 2019
So glad that everything worked out as it should have!!!! Thanks for the update!!
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