So a friend gave me a jar of tomatoes that she canned at home...

What do I do with them? How do I use them? Any good recipe ideas out there?

  • Posted by: Beth
  • April 13, 2019


Gammy April 13, 2019
Lucky you, like commercially canned tomatoes, but much better having been canned at the height of ripeness! I have canned tomatoes in the past and hope to again this summer. I use them just like a commercial can of tomatoes... homemade spaghetti sauce, marinara sauce, chili, soups. They will break down just like commercially canned tomatoes when cooked for the same length of time. Just make sure that the "button" in the middle of the cap is depressed by pushing on it. If it "clicks" up and down it means the seal has failed. The contents may have been compromised and possibly spoiled... DO NOT USE IN THIS CASE.
HalfPint April 13, 2019
Actually, commercially canned tomatoes are processed (canned) at the height of ripeness. Home-canned tomatoes have the advantage of not having any calcium chloride which is used to keep the texture firm, especially for diced tomatoes. There's also less sodium in home-canned tomatoes. Use like you would with the stuff you buy in the grocery store. I agree, lucky you. A friend gave me some of her home-canned stuff and they were amazing.
Smaug April 13, 2019
At least they should be ripe; you still get some yellow shoulders in some brands, especially in diced tomatoes. Home canned tomatoes may be more watery than commercial, depends on the variety used and how they're canned- commercial tomatoes are often canned in tomato puree.
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