Substitute for citron

Help! In the middle of preparing the wheat pie, and my local stores are out of citron!! Is there something that can be substituted??

I have some candied pineapple... would that work??

Pat Hampton


Emiko April 19, 2019
I don't think pineapple would be suitable, but you could use orange or lemon, or not having either of those I'd put plenty fresh orange and lemon zest (the latter is already in the recipe) to replicate that citrus flavour!
Pat H. April 19, 2019
Thank you Emiko, I have both lemons and oranges. How should they be prepared? Should I candy the fruit, or maybe the peel? I’ve made this pie many times before and it is always wonderful.
Emiko April 19, 2019
If you have the time to candy the peel, you could try that and it would be closer to the real thing! But otherwise I think even the freshly grated peel would be nice -- people who don't like candied fruit often simply leave it out.
Valhalla April 18, 2019
I have not made this, but I have made fruit cakes with candied citron. I think as long as you drained it well, perhaps even drying it with a towel, pineapple would be nice. You could otherwise use any kind of candied citrus peel if you have time to whip some up.
Pat H. April 18, 2019
Thank you so much Valhalla! I attempted to candy orange peel... think I was too rushed.. I will use the pineapple 😊
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