Your dish sounds delicious and while I’m sure it’s not critically important, one could probably use them as they see fit, do you have a recommendation on the quantity of blossoms? It seems you’ve left the namesake ingredient out of the ingredients list.

Squash Blossoms Over Baked Eggs
Recipe question for: Squash Blossoms Over Baked Eggs


Smaug April 19, 2019
It does look like you could do it pretty much "to taste"- if you can find squash blossoms at all in April, even in coastal California that's pretty early.

ps; if you pick your own, be sure not to pick the females, which have tiny squashes at the base. And the squash need to be polinatedd to develop properly, so don't go too crazy on the male flowers (you can hand pollinate the females quite easily, after which you don't need the male flowers.
mikedalena April 20, 2019
No rush to make it. Just browsing and sorting recipes. I came across this one and noticed it was incomplete. Thanks for your response!
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