Can honey be substituted for the maple syrup? Not a huge fan of maple.

  • Posted by: Shirlie
  • April 19, 2019
Peanut Butter Granola
Recipe question for: Peanut Butter Granola


BerryBaby April 20, 2019
I use honey all the time in my granola recipe. Turns out great!
Emma L. April 19, 2019
Agree with Stephanie—that should work fine! Peanut-honey sounds so good, too.
Shirlie April 19, 2019
Thank you Emma. Going to give this a try! 😀
Stephanie G. April 19, 2019
Sure. I think any liquid sweetener will work.
Shirlie April 19, 2019
Thank you Stephanie for your prompt reply! I’m excited to try this recipe. 😁
Lindsay M. April 19, 2019
Hi Shirlie! Honey burns at a lower temperature than maple syrup, as the ratio of fructose-glucose are different. This doesn't have a strong maple flavor so perhaps it's worth trying. If not, just watch the granola carefully.
Shirlie April 19, 2019
Thank you so much, Lindsay. That’s definitely good to know (regarding the honey). I guess I should give the original recipe a try, since you say the maple flavor isn’t strong or overpowering, and make my determination from there. It can’t hurt. Thanks again! 🤗
Lindsay M. April 19, 2019
My pleasure! Enjoy :)
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