Skipping refrigerator?

What if you work from home and could oversee a non-refrigerated rise during the day (after the mixing and kneading step)? What would the first countertop/covered rise time be? Thank you!!

Rye Sourdough
Recipe question for: Rye Sourdough


Stephanie B. April 21, 2019
It would really depend on what your room temperature at the time is and how active your starter is. If you're at home and have the time to check on it, go by look/feel of the dough rather than times. A safe bet is to let your dough rise by 50% - maybe check it at about an hour and a half.

The cold 8h fermentation does a lot for the flavor of the bread though. If you're going for a stronger tasting sourdough, I wouldn't skip the cold fermentation.
Nancy April 21, 2019
I've had similar experience, though sometimes need 2-3 hr at room temp.
Also doughs in the fridge can tolerate a full overnight (12 hr) to about 2 days as long as you punch it down at regular intervals (about 8-12 hr) to prevent the yeast from over-expanding and collapsing.
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