Adding lemon zest?

I'm thinking about serving this cake with some lemon curd in a casual party setting this weekend. I was wondering about adding some lemon zest to the cake batter to tie it together - is there any chance that would screw anything up? I know baking is like chemistry, and I'm not great at chemistry...

Flourless Pecan Cake
Recipe question for: Flourless Pecan Cake


Valhalla April 25, 2019
The walnut cake it was based on contains lemon zest. As I read it, I also thought orange zest would complement the pecan flavor, but since you are serving lemon curd, go for it!
Emma L. April 24, 2019
You can definitely add some lemon zest! I'd start with 1/2 lemon, taste the batter, and increase from there.
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