My question is about drying the macarons vs not drying?

Can you bake macarons on a day that's raining? Should I skip the step for drying them & just put them straight into the oven?

  • Posted by: Bea
  • May 10, 2019
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Parisian Macarons
Recipe question for: Parisian Macarons

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Stephanie B. May 10, 2019
I wouldn't skip the drying, from what I understand it's important in making the batter spread out into the "feet" instead of spreading up and/or cracking. But this blog has a good explanation, and humidity troubleshooting:

What worked best for me when I lived in a very humid environment was using a dehumidifier. Another suggestion the link above suggested was a rangetop fan like those set above stovetops.
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