Did the lowfat buttermilk make the German Chocolate Cupcakes dry? I couldn't find regular buttermilk and wondered it that's why they were dry.

I used the recipe on the German Chocolate box. Also I used all-purpose flour instead of self-rising because it called for baking soda and salt. I'm just now realizing that it was baking soda and not baking powder that was called for. Is that why they were dry?

Sybil Hood


Nancy October 8, 2016
Texture you describe as dry may come both from:
a) using plain (AP) flour instead of self rising and not replacing the leavening that would have been in self-rising flour.
b) using lowfat buttermilk, as you describe.
Perhaps make the recipe once as written (if you don't like the package recipe, use one from a website or author you trust) and see how moist, light they turn out
Sybil H. October 8, 2016
Thanks. I've made this cake for my son's birthday for years and it's always been moist. I'm so glad you confirmed what I did wrong. That's what I get for being in a hurry!
Nancy October 9, 2016
Sybil Hood - glad to help. Had another idea for you. As you like this recipe and probably want to make it again, there is a homemade substitute for buttermilk (with full fat) - if you have trouble finding it in the store, or don't need much.
Many recipes available. Here's one:
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