You have left out the quanity for the grits. Please advise.

Shrimp and Grits
Recipe question for: Shrimp and Grits


creamtea May 15, 2019
Here is the recipe from the recipe author's blogpost:
Stephanie B. May 13, 2019
That's a significant omission for sure. Do you already have a box/bag of grits? It should have cooking instructions on it somewhere - I'd match the amount of cooking liquid in the recipe above (4c) to however much grits that amount of liquid calls for on the container of grits. So if you have Quaker quick cook grits, for example, use 1c of grits for 4c cooking liquid. Different brands might have slightly different rations (Bob's Red Mill uses 3c liquid to 1c grits), but it's easy to adjust the thickness of grits. One cup of grits sounds about right for this recipe.

It's not to your point, but I also suggest adding some collard or turnip greens to this.
Karen L. May 14, 2019
Thanks! I've never cooked grits before so wasn't sure of the ratio of liquid to grits. I appreciate the suggestions to add some type of greens to the dish.
Stephanie B. May 14, 2019
Happy to help! Grits aren't fussy, if you find 1c of grits to 4c liquid is too thin for your liking, just let it reduce more, if you find you prefer thinner grits add more liquid. Hope you enjoy the meal
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