I just posted a recipe for the Bulk Bin "contest". How do I designate that? The only choice offered is for the flaming contest.



boulangere March 22, 2011
Thanks Kristen!
Kristen M. March 22, 2011
Drbabs and Burnt Offerings are exactly right -- since this isn't an official contest, you won't see any place to enter it, but we shouldn't have any trouble locating them if you use the name of the bean or grain in the title (or tags, or even ingredient list -- all are searchable). Sometimes our search function takes a little while to update, but when I search "adzuki" now, both Panfusine's and boulangere's recipes appear, along with a few others!
drbabs March 22, 2011
Here's what it says on the intro to the contest:
You have until midnight next Tuesday, March 22nd to add as many recipes to the site as you like highlighting any of the ingredients below (be sure to include the name of the bean, grain or seed in your recipe title so we can find it easily).

If it helps, I added bulk bean contest to my tag as well. As long as the ingredient is in the title, they'll be able to find it.
boulangere March 22, 2011
Being patient . . . . . . Kristen? Peter? We need some help!
boulangere March 21, 2011
I'll give it a try. Thanks!
Panfusine March 21, 2011
I have the same issue as boulangere... my adzuki bean recipe refuses to show up under the tags...
Burnt O. March 21, 2011
Hmmm - try adding "adzuki beans" in your tags and try again. It may also take a few minutes for the tags and recipes to update in the search algorithm.
boulangere March 21, 2011
Thanks, burntofferings, I tried that and nothing came up. It appears on my page, though, and I did name it for contest ingredients and included hit the bulk food bins in the tags. Kristen? Peter? Help!
Burnt O. March 21, 2011
I did three recipes this week, and per food52's instructions, I simply used the name of the grain in either the title and/or in the tags. One way to check, is to type in the name of the grain, rice, bean, seed you used in the search box, and see if your recipe comes up. If it does, you should be good to go. (right Kristen? Peter?)
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