does anybody know how to make hot cookie dough pudding like at pizza hut?



hardlikearmour March 22, 2011
I've never had the hot cookie dough dessert, but from the descriptions it sounds like an underbaked blondie with chocolate sauce and ice cream. Here's what I'd try: find a good blondie or chocolate chip cookie recipe, scale it down by 1/2 or more, put the dough in a small round cake pan, bake until top is set, but toothpick test is still gooey. Sample it and see how you like it. Monkey with amount of flour, sugar, eggs, and/or leavener to change the texture. (NB: If you're worried about raw eggs, make sure to use pasteurized, as the gooey batter may not get about the thermal death point for bacteria.)
nutcakes March 22, 2011
You may have luck at sites like and, among others, that specialize in copycat recipes from chains and fast food places.
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