kimchi recipe/ food safety/ submerged under liquid

I am making the Italian Style Chard Kimchi recipe from The Book of Greens. The recipes reads to refrigerate instead of sitting out. Do I need to worry about keeping everything submerged if it doesn't sit out?

Stephanie G


Stephanie G. June 3, 2019
Thank you Lori!
Lori T. June 3, 2019
You are very welcome. Hope you enjoy the kimchi. There's nothing like it to liven up things, and it's always nice when something tastes good and is good for you.
Lori T. June 2, 2019
Yes, even in the refrigerator you still need to keep your fermented veggies under brine. The parts that stick out are subject to mold, because the good lactobacilli are living in the brine. You can do this with weight of some sort. The easiest way is to use a glass pickling weight, but failing that there are other ways. You can use the top of an apple, cut large enough to press the pickled veggies beneath the brine, with the peel of the apple intact to keep that safe. You can also use a small ziplock baggie partially filled with water or brine on the top. And you can, in a pinch, use a properly sized smooth rock which you have scrubbed and poured boiling water over- and if you are nervous you can wrap that in plastic wrap or put in a ziplock baggie. Sounds crazy, but it works.
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