Question about Cherry Bounce recipe from NY Times Cookbook

Do I have to seal the jar with canning lids? Or woudl a regular lid work in a pinch?

Stephanie G


Todd A. August 2, 2017
You do not need to refrigerate this and you can use any lid you want. I prefer liter bottles with a cork style stopper. I take labels off of Templeton Rye bottles or similar
Peanut March 28, 2011
We used to make Cherry Bounce in Ohio every summer and never used canning lids or refrigerated it. Take a large bottle with a neck wide enough to allow cherries in and out. Put in a cup or so of rock sugar (or regular sugar, if you must), and add enough vodka (I've heard you can also use whiskey) to dissolve the sugar. Give it a shake to dissolve the sugar. Add washed, dried, whole sour cherries (pie cherries), one or two cartons (this recipe is very adaptable and not very specific!). Add additional vodka to fill the bottle near to the top. Give the bottle a few gentle shakes back and forth to mix it all up, but try not to bruise the cherries too much. Put the bottle in a dark place, like the back of a closet, and leave it alone. Give it a gentle shake every couple of weeks until Thanksgiving, at which point you can have the ceremonial and festive first taste. Put it back in its dark home until Christmas, at which point it will be perfect.
Ophelia March 22, 2011
Personally I prefer to use caning lids for anything that has sugar in it because they tend to be a lot easier to get open if there's a little crystallization going on near the top (I replace the lids on the peanut butter too), but a regular lid would probably be fine.
Amanda H. March 22, 2011
A regular lid should work -- keep it refrigerated, then you don't have to worry.
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